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Who is Vertical Communications?

Using Chat to Improve Company-Wide Communications

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Choosing a Cloud-Based Communications Solution – Part 2

Choosing a Cloud-Based Communications Solution – Part 1

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Vertical's Mamnani at Real:Time Web Solutions Conference in NYC

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The 4 Phases of Digital Transformation in Communications

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Vertical Communications Says: Remember to Phone Home Over the Holidays

5 Reasons Why the Phone Is Still Important to Your Business

Retailers: Are You “Under-Managing” Your Voice Channel?

Auto Dealers: 3 Simple Ways to Turn Invisible Leads into Customers

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At Vertical we're inspired by the always-connected, data-driven enterprises that embrace the new way of working made possible with mobile and cloud technology. We replace traditional business phone systems with a communications platform and secure cloud services that enable powerful new workflows to ensure you are always connected to your customers. Wherever. Whenever.

Vertical has thousands of clients of all sizes in all industries and we have specific communications platforms for the retail, auto, hospitality and healthcare sectors.

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